Northern Italy & Burgundy 2011

Regione dei Laghi & Bergamo

Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


The Lake Region of Italy has many long, narrow lakes of glacial origin. Their mountainous coastlines are covered with luxuriant vegetation, in part because of the mild climate.  It has long been a popular resort with many lakeside villas and wealthy towns.  As the northern part of Lombardy, the lake region reaches to the Alps and Switzerland.  For much of its history, it was dominated by the germanic Holy Roman Empire.

Lake Maggiore has a warmer atmosphere and its shores are dotted with camellias and azaleas.  It is famous for the Borromean Islands’ palace and gardens.. 

Lake Como has attracted visitors for centuries for its boating, hiking and opportunities for rest and relaxation.  It has numerous resorts.

The Villa Carlotta is one of many 18th century summer houses on Lake Como.  While the terraced gardens are the main attraction, there is also a notable collection of marble sculpture.

Bellagio is on the promontory dividing the arms of Lake Como. Its excellent amenities have a worldwide reputation.

Lake Garda is the largest and, some say, most beautiful of the Italian lakes.  Sirmione, and its 13th century castle, Rocca Scaligera, is one of the most popular resorts.

Bergamo is in northern Lombardy near the lake region.  Its pleasant upper town, Bergamo Alta, has many fine medieval and Renaissance buildings.  It was dominated by Venice from the 15th to the 18th centuries.

The arcades of the Palazzo della Ragione  lead to a square dominated by the Cappella Colleoni to the right and below.

The photographs were taken with Leica cameras, the M8, M9 and D-LUX 3.  All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. We can be contacted via e-mail at   Our home page is

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