Mexico - February 2012


Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


Puebla was first settled by the Spanish in 1531 as a stopover on the trade route from Mexico City to Veracruz.  It has been called the “Puebla de las Angeles” for many reasons and its historic center and its grid plan are intact as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The cathedral is next to a park, the “zocolo”, which is surrounded by historic buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.  Children are everywhere.

Puebla is the 4th largest city in Mexico and its economy is sound, now based on strong industries such as Volkswagen of Germany.

Talavera tile was first made in the 16th century in Puebla when the technique was imported from Spain.  It shows Moorish, Italian and Oriental influences now.  It is used both inside and outside buildings such as La Casa de las Muñecas to the left.

The Templo de San Domingo is modest, but its chapel, the Capilla del Rosario, was called the eighth wonder of the world when it was built in 1690.  The gold has recently been refurbished.

Many of Puebla’s older palacios (or mansions) are now open to the public as museums.  Most are arranged around central courtyards.  The Biblioteca Palafoxiana, which was started in 1646, was the first public library in the Americas.  It has 41,000 volumes in many languages.  Others are museums of art and history.

Like many places in Mexico, Puebla is very colorful.  The show is both private and public.

There are many different open air markets and arcades in Puebla.  They sell talavera pottery, antiques, crafts and many other things.

Cholula is near Puebla.  The Spanish liked to build their churches on top of pyramids.  The pyramid there is the largest in the Americas.

Cholula also has graffiti.

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