Mexico - February 2012


Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


Oaxaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was laid out by the Spanish in 1521 in an area dominated by the Zapotecs and Mixtecs.  They had lived in this high valley for thousands of years and still live there.  The combination of the colonial and pre-Hispanic cultures enlivens the arts and crafts and attracts many visitors.  The cathedral and zocalo, the Plaza de Armas, are lively and dominate the center of Oaxaca.

The Mercado Benito Juarez and Mercado el 20 de Noviembre are near the historic center of Oaxaca.  They sell fresh produce, crafts, and the chile-chocolate spice mixtures for moles among many other things.

The Templo de Santo Domingo was a church and  monastery built by the Dominicans in 1572.  The church’s gold interior is dazzling.  It was nationalized in the 19th century and is now shared by the Dominicans and the Centro Cultural Santo Domingo which is a museum.

The local sites, art, accommodations, shops and restaurants serve tourists well and are the foundation of the local economy.  There are several museums and cultural centers such as the Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo.

Oaxaca is a very well maintained, colorful, old colonial city.  It is relaxed and unpretentious and invites people to enjoy themselves. 

The photographs were taken with Leica cameras, the M9 and R9.  All images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without permission. We can be contacted via e-mail at   Our home page is

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