China - September 2006


Photos by Walt & Gloria Fogler-Mancini


These pictures were taken on our trip to China last year.  We visited several UNESCO World Heritage Sites and had some time on our tour to independently take pictures.  This is a small selection from a larger program.

These pictures are from the Ming Dynasty Temple of Heaven and as we walked back to our hotel.

The Forbidden City was built in the 15th century by the Ming Dynasty.

The Ming Tombs are about 50 km north of Beijing.  Emperor Yongle’s tomb is above and the gate below.


The Summer Palace was begun in the 18th century and is now a park.  The 2388 ft. walkway is beside Kunming Lake.

About a quarter of Bejing’s population lives in old neighborhoods called hutongs. People walk or use bicycles or pedicabs on the narrow streets. 

The photographs were taken with Leica digital cameras, the D-LUX 2 and R9 with a digital back.  If you are interested in prints or copies of these or other images from China, please e-mail us at                                                                            wgfm  September 11, 2007

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